Notched Ball Test - KIc (web-App)

Evaluation of strength, pre-factor and fracture toughness
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(c) Institut für Struktur- und Funktionskeramik - Montanuniversität Leoben, 31.05.2011


Terms of Use:
This tool is provided by ISFK to promote the use of the SCF-Method on Notched Ball specimens. The practical use of the test is simple, but its evaluation requires FEM-calculations which we make available here. The use of the tool is free of charge. If you use data generated with the applet (e.g. fracture toughness) for your work, please cite:
this page ( and
S.Strobl, P.Supancic, T.Lube, R.Danzer: "Toughness Measurement on Ball Specimens, Part I: Theoretical Anlysis", Journal of the European Ceramic Society 32 (2012), 1163 - 1173.